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Gomelskij litejnyj zavod Centrolit, OAO

About enterprise Gomelskij litejnyj zavod Centrolit, OAO

The main production of the enterprise is the molding made according to drawings of the customer from material SCh 15, SCh20, SCh25 GOST1412-85 and VCh50, VCh60 GOST7293-85. Castings are issued for various industries and a national economy: 1) For machine-tool construction: - beds, cases, carriages, tables, plates, cross-pieces, faceplates, sled, support. 2) For mechanical engineering: - case, case, wheels, pulleys, skating rinks, matrixes, podshtampovy plates, cases and covers of reducers. 3) For automotive industry, road equipment: - counterbalances, brake drums, cases of hydraulic boosters, a case, cases of turbines, cases of bearings, drove, naves. 4) For construction of the subway: - tubings, castle laying, tray plates. 5) For the oil and gas industry: - cases and covers of reducers, semi-freights (freight pig-iron for ballasting of an oil and gas pipeline), cranks, beds, cases of filters. 6) For metallurgical industry: - molds, pallets, extensions, ingates, funnels, crucibles etc. 7) For agriculture: - asterisks, pulleys, cases of reducers, castings for power-saw benches, a drinking bowl for fur farms, a lattice for MTF and pig factory farms. 8) For a construction complex: - drill tips, tile sexual.


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